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WIN a Double Pass to see Matt Tarrant – Origins at the Adelaide Fringe

Who wants to score a Double Pass to see the Opening Night of Adelaide Fringe show Matt Tarrant – Origins? I have 2 Double Passes to give away and want you along as my guests for the night. All you need to do is fill in the form below and we will randomly draw 2 names to come along to the performance. Winners will be notified by email. Thanks to Matt and the team for their generosity.

Date: Wednesday 13 March 2024
Show time: 8.10pm
Venue: Gluttony, The Flamingo

Competition draw date: Sunday 10 March 2024, 5.00pm

About the show:

8 x Adelaide Fringe Award Winner and the illustrious PICK OF THE FRINGE winner Matt Tarrant, proudly presents his brand new show, ‘ORIGINS’!

Matt delivers an unparalleled fusion of never-before-seen mesmerizing magic and mind-bending feats.

With only five exclusive nights on offer, this spectacle promises to entertain and leave you astonished and questioning the very fabric of reality. But a word of caution – tickets for ‘ORIGINS’ are just like a magic trick; in the blink of an eye, they’ll vanish.

★★★★★ “A master of showmanship with a distinct talent for seamless audience interaction.” Adelaide Fringe
★★★★★ “Matt has something truly special here.” Weekend Notes
★★★★1/2 “About as close as you can get to a bankable night out during festival season” Collage Adelaide

If you can’t afford to take your chance on winning, tickets are found here!

Competition – Matt Tarrant: Origins


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