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‘YOAH’ at the Adelaide Fringe 2024 has been a standout event, captivating audiences with its innovative blend of traditional and modern elements. This show, presented by Japan’s contemporary circus company CIRQUEWORK, marks its Australian premiere at the festival. It’s a beautiful and complex fusion of Japanese drums, electro sounds, and visual effects, creating an unmissable circus experience that’s unlike anything seen before in the circus arena​​​​.

The performances are set against a dynamic backdrop of digital technology, reinvigorating the traditional circus format with fresh and innovative approaches. Audiences have been kept on the edge of their seats by the highly skilled performers, showcasing a precise balancing act of tension, beauty, and joy. The show not only rekindles the love for circus but also pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in live performance, using digital effects to enhance the overall experience​​.

The lighting is spectacular. I mean, I don’t know about you, but don’t you feel, generally speaking, the audio/visual that occurs in some of the tents in ‘The Gardens’ & ‘Gluttony’ are getting VERY brilliant? This show, highlighted by the sensational lighting team is a visual feast that leave you gasping at certain parts and smiling in others. And, come on, the performers are just world-class and exceptional in what they achieve on the ‘Moa’ stage before us. Bravo for a super duper wonderful production.

‘YOAH’ runs from February 16, 2024, to March 10, 2024, at Gluttony, Rymill Park, Adelaide, offering a unique spectacle that combines acrobatics, dance, music, lighting, and visual effects. This performance is a testament to the creativity and innovation of CIRQUEWORK, setting a new standard for contemporary circus​​.

I asked a few audience members on exiting their own thoughts…

“A mesmerising mixture of traditional Japanese and contemporary themes producing a slick show with highly skilled and artistic performances” – Andie G. from Blackwood SA

“I couldn’t sit closer to the edge of my seat if I tried, it was almost mind-bending, and very beautiful and natural at the same time” – Gina V. from West Lakes, SA

“I don’t get to a lot of Fringe shows due to a busy lifestyle, so I select my shows carfeully, I’m VERY glad this one was recommended to me, a must-see experience” – Joe D, Norwood SA

For those interested in a mesmerizing blend of art and technology, ‘YOAH’ at the Adelaide Fringe is a must-see, promising an unforgettable experience that’s both visually stunning and emotionally engaging.

From me, it’s very glimmering FIVE STARS! *****

For tickets and show information, click here! 🙂

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