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REVIEW: The 60 Four – Living In The 70’s

Stepping into the vibrant and eclectic world of the 1970s, the 60 Four brings the same energy and precision to their 70s show that they’ve become renowned for with their 60s performances. Imagine the glitter, the disco balls, and the unmistakable flair of the 70s, all brought to life by these adept musicians. Let’s groove into what makes their 70s show a must-see spectacle.

A Vibrant Journey Through the 70s

The 70s was a decade of musical evolution and revolution, featuring genres as diverse as disco, rock, pop, and soul, each bringing its own unique flavor to the musical landscape. Ben Francis, Finn Green, Lachlan Williams and Jack Conroy as The 60 Four, with their honed versatility, captures the essence of this era, transporting audiences back to a time when music was as colorful as the fashion.

The Disco Fever

No 70s show is complete without a nod to the disco craze, and the 60 Four delivers in spades. Their renditions of classics by the Bee Gees (You Should Be Dancing), Thelma Houston (Don’t Leave Me This Way), The Trammps (Disco Inferno) and other disco legends are not just performances; they’re celebrations of the era’s exuberance. With every note, they recreate the energy of a packed dance floor, inviting you to boogie the night away (alas, in your seats) under the well executed lighting dynamics. An honourable mention goes to the lads for throwing in ABBA and the Aussie classic ‘Howzat’.

Rock and Soul

But the 70s weren’t all disco, and neither is the 60 Four’s show. They pay homage to the rock titans and soul icons of the decade as well. From the smooth melodies of Elton John to the raw energy of KISS, and the soul-stirring sounds of The Beatles’ ‘Let It Be’, the band showcases the rich tapestry of 70s music. Their ability to switch genres seamlessly is a testament to their musical prowess and deep respect for the era’s diverse sounds.

More Than a Concert

Attending their 70s show is like stepping into a time machine. The 60 Four not only replicates the music with astonishing accuracy but also embodies the decade’s spirit through their attire, stage presence, and interaction with the audience. It’s an immersive experience that captures the heart and soul of the 70s, making you feel part of the era, if only for a night.

The Boys

The guys seriously do their rehearsal time in the studio. It’s VERY apparent. Their vocals singularly are wonderful, BUT, together they are magic, sublime and transcending. Their talents do not stop there however – Their fancy foot work deserve a nod. The choreography is precise, sharp and 100% NOT basic… There are some campy little routines, some boy band killer moves and anthemic (not sure if this is a word, but it’s worthy ffs) stances that hit the beat with timed perfection. BUT, it is their friendship and comradery that is most visable… When a little tech issue occured with a mic (with Jack on the lead at the time) Lachlan jumped in and saved the day like a super-hero, NOT a moment was skipped as it continued with probably not many of the audience even noticing. Bravo for having each other’s backs. This all makes an authentic and engaging show. These lads can do no wrong and I cannot wait to see what’s next as they continue to lift the bar. Personally I’m pushing for an 80’s inspired show, I can see it (Tell me I’m wrong, I’ll fight you haha)

Markus Hamence with The 60 Four. From left to right – Ben Francis, Finn Green, Markus, Jack Conroy & Lachlan Williams.

The Band

A nine piece band come along as part of this wonderful show. And let me tell you, they are the best you can find, ALL South Australian (Damn we have some mighty fine talent), and they are tight, succinct and know their chosen instruments. They give more than just the music behind the voices they also engage in the show and become one with the four boys up-front. Much credit and respect to these incredible humans.

The Verdict

The 60 Four’s 70s show is a masterclass in musical versatility and performance art. Whether you lived through the 70s or have only experienced the decade through records and stories, their show is an exhilarating ride through one of music’s most dynamic periods. It’s a celebration of the diversity, innovation, and spirit that defined the 70s, delivered by a band that knows how to bring history to life with every note they play.

In essence, the 60 Four’s 70s show is not just a concert; it’s a time-traveling adventure to an era that changed the face of music forever. It’s an invitation to experience the magic, the madness, and the music of the 70s, brought to you by a band that continues to wow audiences with their dedication, talent, and unparalleled ability to resurrect the past. So, dust off your platform shoes, don your best retro attire, and get ready to experience the 70s like never before with the 60 Four.

For me, it is a rip-roaring FIVE STARS!

This show is only three performances in Gluttony so BE QUICK! But, do I hear whispers of an encore show popping up very soon?????

Tickets for the show right here!

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