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REVIEW: The 60 Four – In Concert

Review by Markus Hamence (Sunday 8 October 2023 performance)

For those few not in the know, The 60 Four present the very best music from the golden era. With a variety of ballads, and up-tempo twisting hits, they create the perfect, high-energy trip down memory lane. The foursome consisting of Ben Francis, Jack Conroy, Lachlan Williams & Finnegan Green provide contemporary arrangements of a huge selection of the biggest hits of the 60’s and supported by a terrific and accomplished 9 piece band. The 60 Four are showmen.

In a very few short years this group of local lads have become a house-hold name in Adelaide. Due to their successful current national tour, fact: that will soon be expanded to ‘Australia’.

What a thrill to experience the last show on the 2023 Tour back here in Adelaide at Norwood Town Hall. After full houses in Melbourne, Sydney and various regional locations, it was somewhat a homecoming show – It was packed, sold out, with 99% ‘mature aged’ folk but with a good sprinkling of some born in an era who couldn’t see the 1960’s with a pair of binoculars. Everyone had a brilliant, cheerful time. This is music that defies a generation, also helped by the way that it is delivered to us in the electrifying and youthful performance.

These boys can do no wrong. They KNOW how to put on a show, they KNOW what the audience wants and THEY deliver. In abundance.

The vocal talents of the guys in undeniable. All four have their strong shining solo moments – Ben Francis (who produces all the vocal arrangements) performing Bee Gees and THOSE famous high notes, WOW!, BUT, it is when the foursome stand together the roof explodes. They are dynamite.

The night’s performance commenced with the boys bounding onto stage with high energy and a raptuous audience to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’s ‘Sherry’ and the first set blissfully runs through the catalogue songs by artists you cannot NOT sing-a-long to… Simon and Garfunkel, The Monkees, The Beachboys, The Beatles and way more that have the audience engagement set to ‘High’. Kindly they offer us a well earned break with an intermission. But then we’re back, and if you weren’t already, this was going to be the set that had you dancing. Kicking off aptly with ‘Dancing In The Street’, it set the tone, it continued with Elvis, Tom Jones, The Kinks and Billy Ocean. They did slow it down for us at one point with a stunning version of The Beatles’ ‘Help’, it was beautiful, heart felt and very moving (couple with very good lighting).

The guys on stage present themselves authentically and come across very likeable. They are cheeky, intelligent, talented and most importantly want to be there and have fun doing so. They have the dance moves down and choreographed to perfection. The stage costumes are smart, well fitting and vibrant.

The 9 piece band are exceptional. It’s great when you see a band that look like they are having fun up there too. They know the material well and each have perfected their respective instrument. As a bonus some of the band got very involved in the show’s choreography too which only added to the excitement in the show. Bravo.

The production quality is of the finest. The sound, acoustics (of the venue) and the lighting have always been on-point with a ‘The 60 Four’ show and this performance was no-exception. The high standard is very worthy of the 2.5 hours of the classic, monumental hit songs that they perform for us eager audience.

The show was tight with no weak moments. A flawless and slick, five star spectacular.

To accurately articulate the energy in the venue and tell you of the glorious musical experience that races through your being is a mean feat, so next tour, just purchase your tickets and get along.

But don’t dilly-dally, these boys are going places. Next stop surely, Vegas baby!

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