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REVIEW: The 27 Club – An Electrifying Tribute

Hey rockstars, what a night! If you’re wandering through the busy East End streets of Adelaide during the Fringe season, looking for a show that’ll knock your socks off, let me tell you about ‘The 27 Club’. This electrifying performance is not just a tribute to some of the most iconic musicians who left us at the tender age of 27; it’s a time machine that transports you straight into the heart of their music, their passion, and their stories. Cobain, Morrison, Joplin, Winehouse & Hendrix – it’s obvious you are going to hear some impressive music and song.

A Stellar Cast and Electric Performances

From the moment the first chord strikes (By Dusty and his band The Wanderers), you know you’re in for something special. The cast of ‘The 27 Club’ is a powerhouse and melting pot of Australian talent, each performer bringing their own unique flavor to the legends they portray. The Superjesus’ Sarah McLeod, Jebediah’s Kevin Mitchell, Mondo Psycho’s Carla Lippis and The Wanderers’ Dusty Lee Stephensen. Watching them, you can’t help but feel the presence of Jimi Hendrix’s electrifying guitar solos, Janis Joplin’s soul-stirring vocals, Kurt Cobain’s raw emotion, and Amy Winehouse’s unique blend of jazz, soul, and blues.

The Music That Shaped Generations

The setlist is a carefully curated journey through the discographies of the club’s most famous members. Each song is performed with such authenticity and passion that it’s easy to close your eyes and imagine you’re hearing the original artists live. The show does a fantastic job of reminding us why these musicians’ legacies have endured, touching on their hits that ignited generations and changed the landscape of music forever.

More Than Just a Tribute

What sets ‘The 27 Club’ apart from your standard tribute show is how it weaves the stories of these artists’ lives, struggles, and untimely deaths into the fabric of the performance. It’s a poignant reminder of the human behind the legend, giving the audience a glimpse into their journeys, their battles with fame, addiction, and mental health, and the immense pressure that often accompanies genius.

The Venue and Atmosphere

The Adelaide Fringe is the perfect backdrop for a show like this, known for its celebration of diversity, creativity, and boundary-pushing performances. The venue inside the Gluttony hub is The Fantail, open-air, stadium-esque and vibrant, allows for an immersive experience, making every note, every emotion feel amplified. It’s as if the spirits of the 27 Club members are right there with you, celebrated and remembered in a space where artistry thrives.


It’s actually ridiculous to single out any particular moments of this wonderfully engaging and banging show, but, if I must. Kevin’s grunge set is epic and it’s easy to see his adoration for Nirvana, he pays much respect to this band. Carla’s soaring and soul-ridden voice is explosive, especially with Winehouse. Dusty has a rock edge that is mind-blowing, he oozes sex appeal on stage and has a raw, panther-like energy, not totally unlike Michael Hutchence. Sarah’s voice is heaven and hell mixed together, the emotion and story-telling of a life lived is bountiful and when she performs the songs of Janis it’s mesmerising, almost channeling the great artist. Bravo you fabulously passionate foursome.

Final Thoughts

‘The 27 Club’ is a must-see for any music lover, history buff, or anyone looking to experience a night of unforgettable performances. It’s a show that not only pays homage to the talents of its subjects but also sparks a conversation about the often tumultuous lives of artists and the importance of supporting mental health and wellbeing in the creative community.

As the final note fades and the performers take their bow, you’re left with a sense of gratitude for the music, the stories, and the reminder that while these artists may have left us too soon, their legacies will forever resonate. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this moving tribute at the Adelaide Fringe. It’s a show that truly embodies the spirit of the festival: bold, vibrant, and unforgettably poignant.

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