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REVIEW: That’s Not Amore

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date: Thursday 29 March 2024, Adelaide Fringe

Show Bio

A feminist cabaret comedy for your heart and soul with a pinch of guilt on top. The only way Italian’s know how.

An exploration of growing up, Italian in Australia. This cabaret speaks to the complicated layers of life, generational trauma, ones worth, expectations and the value of women…

Along with the sentimental dramatic Italian heritage stories, a loud upbringing and the ‘characters’ that come with a big Italian family… Explore the traditions, dialects and value systems that have been frozen in time by the immigrants that ventured here from across the seas.

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The Review

An effectively simple and uncluttered show based around a true story that 100% NOT about love. BUT winds up being ONLY about love. Carla Anita Mattiazzo has brought to the stage her own experiences of growing up. And, it’s powerful. Very.

Let me tell you, diving into Carla’s ‘That’s Not Amore’ was like stepping into a whirlwind of emotions, humour, and, dare I say, a bit of self-discovery. This show, folks, isn’t just a performance; it’s a personal journey. A journey through love, heartbreak, and the hilarious pitfalls of dating in a contemporary world. Buckle up, because I’m about to take you on a ride through the highs and lows of this uniquely captivating show.

Carla enters the stage with an over-the-top RED outfit that dominates the space with a commanding presence. You KNOW the show has started…

The Heart and Soul of ‘That’s Not Amore’

At the heart of ‘That’s Not Amore’ is Carla herself, a powerhouse of energy, wit, and vulnerability. She takes us through her personal anecdotes of love gone wrong, focussed mostly on family, but with such charm and humour that you can’t help but laugh along with her. It’s comedy, yes, but with a raw edge that resonates deeply. Each story, each joke, feels like a piece of wisdom gained through trials by fire in the world of growing up and finding yourself.

The Laughter and Tears

What sets ‘That’s Not Amore’ apart is its ability to balance laugh-out-loud moments with genuine emotional depth. One minute you’re cackling at a disastrous conversation with her nonna, and the next, you’re touched by Carla’s honest reflections on self-love and resilience. It’s this rollercoaster of emotions that makes the show so relatable. Who among us hasn’t faced the absurdity of mental abuse, only to find moments of profound insight amidst the chaos and disaster?

The Singing and THAT Voice

Carla belts into a good fews songs during the show showcasing her stunning vocal chops. These said songs, twine the storyline together wonderfully and give us a more lighthearted nature to the shows more-so heavier subject. They are fun, including a wonderfully hilarious take on Madonna’s ‘Like A Virgin’. Accompanied by Ciara Ferguson or Darcie Bills, the music behind the storytelling sweeps us along in the various moods we are to explore.

The Verdict

‘That’s Not Amore’ is more than just a comedy show; it’s a heartfelt exploration of the human condition, wrapped in a package of humour and delivered with unmatched charisma by Carla Anita Mattiazzo. Whether you’re navigating the process of finding your confidence or happily watching wearily from the sidelines, there’s something in this show for everyone. It’s a reminder that while love and growing up might not always look like the movies, there’s plenty of amusement to be found in its reality.

In conclusion, ‘That’s Not Amore’ is a must-watch. It’s a show that entertains, enlightens, and, most importantly, reminds us to laugh at ourselves and the sometimes ridiculous journey of finding love. Carla Anita Mattiazzo, take a bow. Your show is a hit, not just for its entertainment value but for its heart, humour, and humanity.

Side note: The show has been directed by Adelaide’s Vince Fusco with a great eye for detail. Bravo.

Five Gleaming Stars (with pasta and red-wine on the side) *****

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