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REVIEW: That 90’s Show

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date Saturday 17 February 2024 – Gluttony

Stepping back to the 90’s decade doesn’t seem a big step back. It is though. Coming up to four decades back. And, like most decades in music, there was a great cross platform of style. Boy Bands, Girl Bands, Big Ballads, HUGE Movie Soundtracks, Pop, Rock, R&B, Club, Dance, Party, Grunge and TV Show Theme Songs hit the Top 40, PLUS, Cher made the biggest career comeback EVER. There was something for everyone… And while the Interior Design and Architecture of that era was at times very questionable, the coolest variety of music definitely made up for it. ‘That 90’s Show’ left no genre untapped.

Right out the gate the tone was set. Looking straight out of a Boyz II Men or Backstreet Boys music video Ben Whittington, all dressed in casual white, gave us the belter of the hit, Robbie Williams’ ‘Let Me Entertain You’. He did. The mass of fans and punters who gathered in Gluttony’s ‘The Fantail’ open air space were whipped in the frenzy immediately. Ben is very comfortable on stage, his energy is authentic and engaging. His voice is strong and more than able to carry the softer songs right through to the bangers AND his guitar work is sublime, it is an extension of himself.

From there we entered Shania Twain territory and the BIG vocals of Sarah Lloyde with Jode Langdon smashed out ‘Man, I Feel Like A Woman’ and ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’. These ladies have voices that are dynamic and it’s a pleasure to experience them wielding their talent. It’s clear to see why they are the sought after remale vocalists in Adelaide and are busy gals!

The bass is wrapped up by Lee Nash, the keys (and further vocals) by Russell James and drums by Michael Giuffreda. The band is tight and engage highly. The energy they bring to the stage is large and it’s obvious they ALL thoroughly enjoy the set-list. It’s certainly NOT just going through the motions.

The stage is BIG, but the performance is huge and easily fills the generous space. The lighting is impressive and brings it all to life. BUT, it is the rear screen projection that plays endlessly for the duration of the show giving us visual reminders of all the 90’s pop culture, from tv shows, to video clips, to movies, it’s fun and memories flood back!

Some more highlights from the set-list are ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’, Cher’s ‘Believe’ (Done to perfection of course), ‘Celebrity Skin’ BUT it is the closer… Another Robbie track, the best bookend, ‘Angels’. If you get a chance to go and see this show, do it. It’s great value and packed with everything you need from a show, banging sing along hits, a talented band and great performances by the entire bunch of artists up there on stage. Bravo all, loved it and a very shiny FIVE FREAKIN’ STARS!

For show dates, information and tickets, click here! 🙂

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