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REVIEW: Pseudo Echo – Machine Tour 2024

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date: Friday 31 May 2024, The Gov, Adelaide, South Australia

If you’ve ever found yourself tapping your feet to their iconic synth-pop hits from the ’80s, you’ll understand the thrill that came with their Machine 2024 Australian Tour. The legendary band, known for their infectious energy and groundbreaking sound, embarked on this tour with a clear mission: to blend nostalgia with a fresh, modern twist. And frick, they succeeded spectacularly! Pseudo Echo are here to stay and are as relevant as f*ck!

Walking into The Gov, the crowd were there for it 100%. Fans of all ages gathered, united by their love for Pseudo Echo. From die-hard followers who had been there since the beginning to younger enthusiasts discovering the magic of ’80s music, the audience was a vibrant mix. The stage, adorned with great lighting (that we’ve come to expect from The Gov) and a backdrop reminiscent of vintage arcade games, set the perfect scene for the night’s journey.

The support for the night was Adelaide DJ Lezen. He gave us a solid 1/2 hour of beats that set the tone. Lezen’s vibe is killer, classic 80’s but given a contemporary shake-up. Some cool standards were belted out and a couple of originals from an upcoming album release. He was super engaging and has the knack for getting the party started.

Then, Bang!, it was on.

Pseudo Echo filled the stage a six piece unit now which includes two insanely talented women these days, one of which, Abigail Lula, on drums. Only 20, this human is a freakin’ power-house of energy, argh! And, also Valentina Taylor on Backing Vocals. The Gov was actually her first show with the super-group. The inclusion of these women was refreshing and added a new dynamic to the music we know and love.

When Brian Canham took to stage though, we, the audience erupted! Canham’s sexy, panther-esque, black leather cladded style has developed to a level worthy of competing with Lenny Kravitz. He owns it and his comfortability with his stage persona is evident. A look that is vastly different from his 80’s style, more rock and more swagger – and pretty sure this guy has not aged in the last 30 years?? Canham had us firmly in his grasp as the music boomed and commenced the night with ‘Stranger In me’, the perfect start. And it rolled on… We didn’t have to wait long to hear a biggie either, ‘A Beat For You’, was pumping and it was now that I felt the night was not a night of nostalgia but of fresh music delivered by the consummate Brian and band. If someone in the venue wasn’t moving to the grooves yet and feeling the larger than life energy, this banger did it.

The Setlist: A Perfect Blend

The setlist was sublime balance. Pseudo Echo delivered their classic hits with the same vigor and passion that catapulted them to fame decades ago. Tracks like ‘Funky Town’ and ‘Listening’ had everyone moving, singing along and dancing without a care in the world. But it wasn’t all about the past. Newer material seamlessly blended in. These tracks carried the signature Pseudo Echo sound but with a contemporary edge that showed the band’s evolution. It was a powerful mix that kept the energy high and the audience engaged from start to finish. ‘Love An Adventure’ was a force of nature, as was ‘Send Me An Angel’ a cover of Real Life’s mega hit. But, when the boys and girls smashed out the HUGE Tina Turner track ‘Nutbush’, it exploded, the popular community dance routine ensued around me (OK, I may have joined in).

Showmanship and Musicianship

Brian Canham, the charismatic frontman, was in top form. His vocals were as powerful and evocative as ever, and his rapport with the audience was nothing short of magical. He removed hit hat first, then his rockstar glasses, then his shirt fully unbuttoned, we lapped up every minute as he become emotionally exposed to us through his soul. The rest of the band matched his energy, delivering tight, polished performances that highlighted their musical prowess. The addition of modern elements, like updated synth arrangements and dynamic lighting effects, elevated the experience, making it clear that Pseudo Echo is not just a band resting on its laurels but one that’s still pushing boundaries. As well as the two previously mentioned members… Matty Ray (on Keytar), is a god on the instrument, chills. James Mudd on Guitar slayed it and Paul Cecchinelli dominated the Bass and Keyboard – What a band, succinct and know the pwoer of the music they were delivering. Brian should be well proud of what he has brought together with this lot.

The Crowd’s Reaction

If there’s one thing that stood out, it was the crowd’s reaction. There was a palpable sense of joy and unity in the air. People were not just attending this performance; they were reliving memories, creating new ones, and celebrating the timelessness of great and classic music. The cheers, the applause, and the spontaneous dance-offs were a testament to the enduring appeal of Pseudo Echo.


The encore consisted of the pre-mentioned and iconic ‘Funky Town’ but, then backed up with ‘Ultraviolet’, a smashing way to wrap up what was a night of musical magic. And, if the crowd was anything like me, Pseudo Echo’s Spotify channel got a work-out on the way home in the car.

Final Thoughts

Pseudo Echo’s Machine 2024 Australian Tour was more than a gig – it was an experience. It was a celebration of a band that has stayed true to its roots while embracing the future. Whether you were there for the nostalgia or to discover something new, the tour offered something for everyone. It’s clear that Pseudo Echo’s legacy is far from over, and I, for one, am excited to see where they go next. If you get a chance to catch them live, don’t hesitate. It’s a ride you won’t want to miss!

Keep following the Pseudo’s website for all the annoucements of the shows and the music.

Check out my zoom interview with Brian Canham, recorded before the Adelaide show.

Brian Canham and Markus Hamence, 2024

Images in tiled gallery by Adelaide City of Festivals

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