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REVIEW: Missy Higgins – The Second Act Australian 2024 Tour

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date: Thursday 30 May 2024, Her Majesty’s Theatre, Adelaide, South Australia

Missy Higgins took the stage for her Second Act 2024 Tour in Adelaide at Her Majesty’s Theatre, and it was more than just an evening of her catalogue; it was an intimate storytelling session wrapped in her soulful melodies. The lights dimmed and the crowd hushed, the anticipation of hearing the songs from the career catapulting album ‘The Sound Of White’ was almost tangible. And, let me tell you, Higgins did not disappoint. But, alas, we had to wait for that bit, that was Act Two. Act One was the rarities, the VERY early stuff and songs that defined her as a young girl (Or at least defined her creative imagination). Missy was there and she was ready to give us it all….

The venue itself, Her Majesty’s Theatre, is always brilliant, acoustically it’s stunning, with its cozy yet vibrant atmosphere, was the perfect backdrop for an evening with Missy Higgins. Fans of all ages filled the space, each person seemingly holding their breath as they waited for their favourite artist to appear. The stage was set simply yet elegantly, with warm lighting casting a glow that made the whole place feel like a big, welcoming living room.

A Voice that Resonates

From the moment Higgins began to sing, she kicked off beautifully with ‘Forgive Me’, it was clear why she has such a devoted following. Missy knows how to tell her story. The good, the bad, it come across authentically and with a self-deprecating humour. Her voice, rich and emotive, seemed to reach directly into the hearts of the audience. Her next song ‘Falling’, had us firmly entranced in her aura. Dressed in green suit fashion she immediately captured the essence of what makes her music so special: raw emotion and authenticity. It wasn’t just a performance; it was a connection.

Stories Behind the Songs

One of the highlights of the evening was Higgins’ storytelling between songs. She shared anecdotes and insights into her life and creative process, giving fans a deeper understanding of her work. These stories added a new layer of meaning to her songs, making the experience even more personal. She admitted it is only recently she has begun explaining the meaning behind her songs and we were glued. From her youthful falling out with her sister to her recent marriage breakdown and her discussions with her young daughter then painting her father in a light at her primary school that was faaaaar from the actual true nature of him – it explained how she has become one of our nations highly rated lyricists. Whether she was talking about the inspiration behind ‘A Complicated Truth’ or the journey of creating new tracks from her latest album, every word felt like a gift to her listeners. It was the closing of Act One with ‘The Second Act’ (a brilliant and stunningly written song) from the upcoming new album (of the same name) that we new after an small interval we were about to get something even more special from our national music industry icon….

A Journey Through ‘The Sound Of White’

After a wee and drinks break we wer back for Act Two – Higgins now dressed in her first ever stage outfit, a white cowgirlesque (completed with her mother’s 70’s tan leather boots), took the audience on a journey through her musical stratospheric career changing album ‘The Sound Of White’ (performed not in order), blending the songs again with wonderful dialogue and story telling. Can I just say at this point… NO ONE told me Missy was so fricken funny and so bloody good at telling stories – my admiration for this artist has lifted to new levels. She did start this part of the evening with the albums first song, ‘All For Believing’, and it rolled on from their in glorious flashbacks to the mid-2000’s… Songs like ‘The River’ and ‘Katie’ were met with enthusiastic applause due to their outstanding delivery and emotive passion, but it was her BIG single tracks that showcased her growth as an artist as they were delivered fresh but true to the original nature of whence they came. ‘The Special Two’, ‘Ten Days’ and ‘Casualty’, ARGH, outstanding. The balance between nostalgia and contemporary kept the energy high and the audience engaged throughout the night.

The Band and Arrangements

Let’s not forget the band that accompanied her. Each member of the seven piece brought a unique element to the performance, enhancing Higgins’ music without overshadowing it. The arrangements were beautifully crafted, allowing for both intimate acoustic moments and fuller, more dynamic sections. It was clear that a lot of thought and care had gone into creating a setlist that flowed seamlessly from start to finish. They know their business and played their roles blissfully while loyally supporting their lead performer and friend.

An Emotional Encore

As the concert drew to a close, the audience wasn’t ready to say goodbye. The encore begun with the crowd pleasing ‘Scar’ and she insisted we sung along. We all did. The second being a heartfelt rendition of ‘The Sound Of White’. It was the perfect ending to an already spectacular evening. There were more than a few tears in the crowd as Higgins’ voice soared through the final notes, leaving everyone with a sense of connection and fulfillment.

Final Thoughts

Missy Higgins’ Second Act Tour in Adelaide was more than music show; it was an experience of genuine artistry and heartfelt storytelling. Her ability to connect with her audience, both through her music and her personal anecdotes, made for a night that was both emotionally rich and deeply satisfying. If you have the chance to catch her on this tour, don’t miss it. It’s a musical journey you won’t soon forget. Missy, please come back soon and tour the upcoming new album.

Much love and respect, Markus x

Click here for our photo gallery by Leo Hiraga from the performance

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