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REVIEW: Maneskin

Review by Markus Hamence – Saturday 25 November 2023, Adelaide Entertainment Centre

Maneskin are one of the hottest bands in the fricken universe right now. And, they blew the roof off the Adelaide Entertainment Centre at last night’s show with their high-energy 2 hours performance. It was the final show for their 2023 Australian tour and they gave it all, every inch, and ensured everyone in the theatre venue (acoustically perfect by the way) experienced the best night possible. They were 100% THERE and engaging.

Maneskin, for the few that may be unaware, are the band that WON the Eurovision Song Contest in 2021. Hailing from Italy, this four piece pop/rock, alternative rock, pop/punk band are Damiano David (Lead vocals), Victoria De Angelis (Bass), Thomas Raggi (Electric guitar) and Ethan Torchio (Drums). Måneskin have released three studio albums, Il ballo della vita (2018), Teatro d’ira: Vol. I (2021), and Rush! (2023).

The show was predominantly a vehicle for their latest album, Rush, released in early 2023 and no-one was disappointed. Rush is a strong album, with the maddest tracks, that has received great reviews and has pushed them further into world-wide popularity with their unique style, both musically and visually.

The show kicked off with the most insane lighting/visuals I’ve experienced in a while, totally out of this world and with booming acoustics. It was heaven to my eyes and ears. The first number for us to gorge our senses upon was ‘Don’t Want To Sleep’ AND we certainly didn’t, the voltage was set to HIGH from the first musical note. The hits followed thick and fast.

‘Honey (Are You Coming)’ was a thumper and the crowd hungrily ate it up. Speaking of, the crowd, it was quite diverse, all ages and a cross section of the community. And the buzz was generally of love and cool vibes only. ‘Supermodel’ came next and then ‘Coraline’, the set list was perfectly curated and flowed consistently. BUT, then after disappearing from stage (I assumed a costume change haha), Damiano, Thomas & Ethan appeared behind us on ‘stage-b’ to rock out a couple of strip backed numbers ‘Trastevere’ and a clever cover of Adelaide’s own and music super-star, Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ to a thunderous applause.

Back on the main stage ‘Mammamia’ (Damiano claims to be Italy’s most popular word) had us all singing along, ‘Off My Face’ was a clear fan favourite and had us all jumping and bouncing, then my current favourite ‘Bla Bla Bla’ and closing the show with the epic banger ‘Kool Kids’. Naturally, a couple of encores were whipped out and they not only put the cherry on the icing of the cake BUT really flippin’ showcased the insane talents of Thomas on the electric guitar, man, he can really play that instrument – more mature, well-versed musicians would have been in awe. This comment is mostly (but not only) inline with his craft work with ‘The Lonliest’.

Ethan on drums is a fricken animal. He worked up a sweat like ONLY a drummer can do, and constantly gave and gave. Victoria is a lethal weapon, her bass work is damn fine, she is VERY much in-charge of her talent. Thomas, as mentioned in the previous para, is just in the groove, he knows his stuff and wears the badge with un-egotistical pride. Damiano had us in the palm of his hand and we responded swiftly to every command. His vocal ability is exceptional and considering the big sound he must rise to his voice sustains and delivers to the very last note of the night. Have I mentioned the sex appeal they exude?? In bucket loads.

There was a fifth member of the band however, the lighting. As mentioned earlier, it was exceptional. The lighting designer nailed it and deserves an award. I have never seen anything quite like it and it was a visual treat.

So, Maneskin will continue to rise and develop further and produce quality music it seems for quite a while yet, their energy is endless and it appears us fans a re a strong and loyal bunch and will take the ride wherever they lead us.

Wrapping up the package that WAS a Maneskin show… Four very sexy individuals, very talented humans, very confident souls, a band that will will continue to conquer and deliver unto us great music. My respect for the band has jumped up quite a few notches. Their showmanship is next level. A brilliant night of music and I’m eager already for their next tour. Pop me on the wait-list please. ***** Five Fricken, Well Deserved, Stars *****

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