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REVIEW: Maksim

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date: Sunday 24 March 2024, Adelaide Festival Centre

The Maksim Mrvica 2024 ‘Collection’ concert at the Adelaide Festival Centre in the Festival Theatre in 2024, as part of his Australian tour, was a one-night-only event held on March 24th. Known for his breathtaking and strong performances, Maksim Mrvica, the Croatian pianist, delivered a dazzling show that combined an array of musical genres. His tour, named ‘The Collection’, featured an impressive crossover show that included greatest hits by Queen, along with iconic movie themes from ‘The Godfather’, ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, and the encore ‘Game of Thrones’ which drew a collective ‘Ahhhh!’ from the audience. Additionally, audiences were treated to classical masterpieces by Liszt and Erik Satie, as well as significant pieces from his previous albums such as ‘Flight of the Bumblebee,’ ‘Exodus,’ and many more​​​​.

Maksim’s concerts are celebrated for their grand live shows, which have contributed to his global acclaim, over 5 million album sales worldwide, and the title of the world’s highest-selling classical crossover artist. His return to Australia and New Zealand was part of ‘The Collection’ World Tour, where he expressed excitement about continuing the musical journey with the people of Oceania, with whom he feels a special connection​​.

The Adelaide performance was eagerly anticipated, given Maksim’s reputation for blending contemporary hits with classical masterpieces, creating a unique concert experience that spans genres and eras. The stage was set, dramatically, and with his band in position and the introduction music sweeping in Maksim took the stage. A classical musician but ALL rockstar, Maksim did not hesitate on giving us what we were expecting, he begun with Nostadamus and the concert rolled powerfully from there. Maksim’s energy is bountiful, his focus and strength is evident and with a flick of his locks as he pounds and then caresses the keys, we were entranced. With minimal conversation it was a magical night of a piano master.

A personal highlight was the absolutely mesmerising arrangement of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. The passion and playfulness with this piece of music had us entranced for the duration.

His band were outstanding; Sakura, Bianca & Maryna on violin, Klara on Cello, Ariana on Flute, Patrick on Drums and James on Percussion, they did not skip a beat (or key) and held there own while Maksim took us on, at times, a fast-paced journey. Bravo all.

We are blessed in Adelaide to have the Adelaide Festival Centre (Thanks Don D.), acoustically it is made for this and the sounds we heard were perfection, brilliance and evoking of wonder and joy. Shout out to the lighting designer too, it was magnificently handled and played and added the right amount of visual effect to the music we were experiencing.

Congratulations to Harmonie for bring back to Australia Maksim. An outstanding evening of quality entertainment by a VERY talented human.

Thanks to Jeff Smith Creative Consulting for having us along.


Markus Hamence chats with Maksim
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