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REVIEW: Christopher Hall – Self Helpless

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date: Thursday 14 March 2024, Adelaide Fringe, Gluttony, South Australia

Following his sold out run at the Edinburgh Festival, Chris brings has brought ‘Self Helpless’ to Adelaide. Chris’ TikTok and Instagram sketches featuring ’Background Singers’, ‘Your Cat’ and ’The Superstition HQ’ have had over 12 million likes, 50 million views and spawned collaborations with The Jonas Brothers and Gwen Stefani. He is undeniably an online superstar.

But does he translate to ‘live’ standup? So many don’t.

Christopher Hall’s show ‘Self Helpless’ at the Adelaide Fringe 2024 has been making waves, drawing in audiences with its unique blend of comedy that tackles millennial issues with a humorous touch. The show follows Hall’s journey of discovery, focusing on procrastination methods, personal development of anxious thoughts, and a self-help(lessness) narrative, all delivered with his signature sarcastic wit​​. The audience’s reactions have been overwhelmingly positive, with reactions including laughter and appreciation for the show’s value and entertainment​​.

I have been doing my absent-mindedly scrolling and come across Christopher on the Insta Reels and TikTok many time and it is always fun, especially the ‘backing singers’ videos with his sister. Hilarious. Going into the show I was pretty sure we weren’t going to be seeing this body of work from Hall. So I was curious.

Previously reviewed at the Edinburgh Fringe, ‘Self Helpless’ was praised for Hall’s ability to command the stage and connect with the audience. His gregarious guide through therapy, self-care, and pop culture for millennials was noted for being both relatable and hilariously engaging. Hall’s topics range from coming out and childhood pop culture passions to contemporary anxieties like fears about peeing on planes and ordering coffee in front of strangers. His dynamic stage presence and ability to keep the audience engaged from start to finish have been highlighted as key strengths of the show​​.

His interaction with the audience is clever and considerate. He pokes fun, and mostly at himself. He’s comfortable but loves to play up his awkwardness. Christopher’s work is contrasting and this is what makes his performance brilliant. His knack for chatting to the audience and remembering their names during the course of the show also needs to be pointed out. Christopher is an all-rounder, with oodles of pure talent. He’s cheeky, naughty and takes many twists and turns as he maneuvers through the show. You walk out of the performance with a great big smile on your face and feel-good approach to your life.

The show has been described as a journey of self-discovery, touching on procrastination, anxiety, and the millennial experience with a good dose of sarcasm​​. This consistent praise across reviews underscores Hall’s knack for blending relatable content with humor, making ‘Self Helpless’ a standout show that resonates well with its audience, especially those navigating the complexities of millennial life. The show offers a perfect mix of laughter and reflection, making it a must-see at the Adelaide Fringe 2024.

Verdict: Christopher Hall is brilliant and VERY funny and super duper engaging as a stand-up comedian. He belongs on stage.

A shiny and fabulous FIVE STARS *****

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Markus Hamence interviews Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall & Markus Hamence after the show at Adelaide Fringe 2024
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