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REVIEW: A Night with Tina Arena: 2024 Love Saves Tour

Review by Markus Hamence. Performance date: Saturday 6 April 2024, Adelaide Festival Centre, SA

The Australian Musical Treasure; Tina Arena – what a icon, talent AND survivor! The 2024 Love Saves Tour has been a spectacular showcase of her timeless voice and boundless energy. Attending one of her concerts feels like a reunion with an old friend who has brought along a trunk filled with melodious memories. Let’s jump into what makes this tour an unforgettable experience.

Let’s start…

The Support

Another Australian music star, Jack Jones, opened for Tina. He was bloody good. Jack we all remember from his work with John Farnham and of course the popularity and incredible and impressive hit list of the well-penned songs from Aussie rockers, Southern Sons (In the 1990’s).

Australian music artist Jack Jones

Now Jack talks, a lot, and I mean A LOT, which is totally fine, it was interesting and it was all relevant, but unfortunately it meant we didn’t get the planned amount of songs from the artist (he acknowledged this). We of course got ‘Hold Me In Your Arms’ which was magnificent. And it’s easy to see why the performer has had and is still having great success, his song writing is thoughtful and actually perfection AND his voice is surreal, it does not faulter, and the notes his achieves are quite un-worldly.

I could listen to his voice and his music for hours. It was when he played and sung Farnham’s ‘Burn For You’ though magic was created, a moment I will never forget an the rest of the punters in the theatre 100% would be in agreeance with… Jack Jones is good, really bloody good. Cannot wait for his return to Adelaide for his OWN show.

Enter Tina Arena…

You would have to be living under a rock to NOT know of Tina Arena, her beginnings, her hurdles and her impressive catalogue of musical work. Beginning waaaaay back with Johnny Young Talent Show, the ‘I Need Your Body’ period, starring as Eva Peron in Evita the Musical and most recently in Adelaide as the Artistic Director for the 2022 Adelaide Cabaret Festival, she’s done a lot and she is nobody’s fool. But, it is her contemporary songbook that we are to experience on the ‘Love Saves 2024 Tour’ mostly inspired and driven by the 2023 album release ‘Love Saves.

Tina Arena ‘Love Saves’ album (Released 2023)

To a rousing applause Tina Arena (with band) walked on stage with overflowing grace. Dressed in a dazzling to-floor gown in orange with gold and reflective embellishments, Tina was a diamond. She knows where she belongs – in front of the masses with her vocal prowess. Her confidence is strong and her school-teacher, keen and direct articulation is engaging. After a postponed show date due to health issues, Tina is BACK.

The Setlist: A Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Novelty

Tina’s ability to mix the old with the new is truly masterful. The setlist is a delightful and carefully selected blend that respects her roots while embracing and showcasing her new songs. Classics like ‘Chains’ and ‘Burn’ are given new life with fresh arrangements that make you appreciate them all over again. Meanwhile, tracks from her latest album breathe fresh air into the repertoire, proving that Tina’s artistry continues to evolve.

Kicking it right off with the uplifting ‘Church’, Tina had us int he palm of her hand from the get go. This particular song, and it’s arrangement, is brilliance. It SHOULD have been played on radio, a lot. Radio stations, if your reading, get a fricken clue!

Her performance of ‘Heaven Help My Heart’ was particularly moving, enhanced by a backdrop of effective lighting that intensified the emotional punch of her lyrics. It’s clear that Tina knows her audience well; she plays to the crowd with the confidence of someone who knows they have nothing to prove, but everything to share.

The title track ‘Love Saves’ was a killer moment in the show (actually the finale) and sent us on our way with joy in our hearts and hope for a better future and world.

Foreigners ‘I Want To Know What Love Is’ came out too (From the In Deep album) with a incrdible new arrangement. Argh, I breathed through it in and absorbed it through every pore.

You nailed the set-list dearest Tina.

The Venue and Atmosphere: Intimately Spectacular

Tina’s choice of venues reflects her commitment to connecting with the audience on a more personal level. The theaters are large enough to fill with her powerful voice, yet intimate enough to capture the subtle nuances of her performance. This tour feels like it’s designed for those who really want to experience music, not just hear it.

The lighting and stage setup complement the musical experience without overshadowing it. Subtle shifts in lighting correspond beautifully with the mood of each song, creating a visual symphony that dances gracefully with the music.

The Performance: Flawless Vocals and Charismatic Presence

Tina Arena remains a force of nature. Her vocal performance is impeccable – she hits every note with clarity and emotion that resonate well after the concert ends. What’s truly captivating is how she maintains a warm rapport with the audience. She tells stories, jokes a bit, and shares insights into her music, making the concert feel like an evening spent among friends.

The band and backup singers deserve a shoutout too. They’re tight, energetic, and visibly enjoying themselves, which only adds to the feel-good atmosphere of the show. It’s clear that Tina isn’t just performing; she’s celebrating music with every fiber of her being.

Final Thoughts: More Than Just a Concert

Tina Arena’s 2024 Love Saves Tour is more than just a series of concerts; it’s a powerful reminder of why live music is so pivotal in our lives. It’s about sharing moments, reliving memories, and making new ones. Tina not only saves love with her music; she elevates it, molds it into something that carries us away from our daily struggles and into a space where only the purest notes matter.

If you have the chance, go see her live. It’s not merely a performance; it’s an emotional journey that resonates with the soul of anyone who’s ever been touched by music. Tina Arena, thank you for another unforgettable night!

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