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REVIEW: Bisexual Intellectuals

Review by Markus Hamence – Performance date: Saturday 18 February 2024

Not in any specific order or priority, this 2024 Adelaide Fringe show offers you up Bisexuality and Intellectualism. It’s cheeky, provoking, naughty AND mostly a whole lot of festive fun that we expect from the world’s second biggest fringe festival. Welcome to ‘Bisexual Intellectuals’…

In Gluttony’s Kingfisher tent we join the trio of Bisexual Icons, Millicent Sarre (‘Opinionated’), Jemma Allen (‘Reclaiming Harry’), and Rosie Russell (‘The Finest Filth’), for a big, bold evening of cathartic comedy chaos. Using original music, parody, and the transformative power of tap dance, ‘Bisexual Intellectuals’ is a celebration of queer joy, dismantling bi-phobia with levity and heart.

It’s high-energy from the start with riotous banging songs that urge us punters to sing-a-long and join in their self penned anthems of all encompassing empowerment. The costumes are fun (including Jemma dressed as an eraser at one point), they’re colourful and the whole shows flows really well.

The troupe entertain us with tap, quick-witted comedy and a fabulous glimpse into their own world and real-life stories. There’s a few well meaning cuss-words which go down a treat, especially when they are being monitored by a light-up hat given out to an audience member at the beginning of the show, this keeps them in the moral boundaries, or at least attempts too, haha.

There is no doubt they are talented writers, well produced yet natural performers and can most certainly carry a tune. And, while it comes with a ‘M’ rating it really is a jolly romp through three peoples lives. I can definitely recommend this show as a great evening out of solid entertainment.

Five stars from me for this joyous frollick!

For show tickets, more information and session times, click here! 🙂

Markus Hamence and Millicent Sarre with an evening sky loaded with bats 🙂
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