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David Keenan – ‘Radiate A Smile’ Music Video is Out Now!

Irish singer-songwriter David Keenan returns with his new single, “Radiate a Smile,” set to release on June 21, 2024. Known for his evocative lyrics and poignant storytelling, Keenan captures the essence of summer optimism and the complexity of human relationships in this latest track.

“I like the idea that this song is two friends who share a deep platonic love, at the football, chatting shit in between people watching, slagging and confiding in one another. In a traditionally aggressive arena, there’s also intimacy,” Keenan shares about the inspiration behind the song.

 He continues, “I like acknowledging the realities of our behaviours, awkwardness, and confusion as well as wit and tragedy in my writing while in this case, a leaning towards optimism as summer approaches.”

“Radiate a Smile” delves into the transient nature of life and the importance of nurturing relationships. 

Keenan explains, “There’s an understanding in the song that says we’re only here briefly so let’s not be lazy with our relationships. Let’s keep the lines open and live fully in the knowledge that we’re only passing through.”

The track, recorded with and produced by Gavin Glass and featuring additional mixing and mastering by Ivan Jackman, showcases Keenan’s ability to blend intricate storytelling with captivating melodies. “I write about what I see and feel in the moment, trying to conjure moments of curiosity, humanity, sadness, and then preserving them in a lyric. It’s open to interpretation, like most of my songs, it has layers of meaning so that it might sustain into the future and people can make new discoveries in the imagery all the time,” Keenan adds.

As he puts the finishing touches on his forthcoming fourth studio album, Keenan is also gearing up for an extensive tour across the UK and Europe with Rodrigo y Gabriela this June and July.

Don’t miss out on experiencing the heartfelt and reflective tones of “Radiate a Smile.” Follow David Keenan on Spotify and stay updated with his latest releases and tour dates.

About David Keenan:

David Keenan is an Irish singer-songwriter known for his deeply poetic lyrics and powerful storytelling. With a unique voice that blends folk, rock, and indie elements, Keenan has captivated audiences around the world including Australia on his debut tur January 2024 tour. His music explores the human condition, touching on themes of love, loss, and the fleeting nature of life.

Follow David Keenan:

Website: | Instagram: @davidkeenanmuso. | David Keenan on Spotify

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