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Wicked Things: Sydney Hard Rockers Deliver Absolute Banger, 10XMe

In the same vain as their heroes, Guns N Roses and Skid Row, Wicked Things deliver another Rock N Roll Anthem that is just as infectious as the song title. 

With its Sabbath meets Ratt meets AC/DC riff and larger a vocal deliver full of attitude not seen in rock for at least a decade, 10X Me is an instant rock classic that will have you raising your fist in the air. Wicked Things’ infectious energy and passion for fun shine through in every note, and you can’t help but feel swept up in their wild ride.

Listen to 10X Me here

The band comment on the track “10x Me is about as straight up as it gets in terms of lyric writing for us. Blade had this one line written for the chorus “I flick my hair with a little bit of WOOOH” which became the keystone to build the song around. Essentially the song is just about how you feel when taking a certain white powder which will remain unnamed.”

The song is written like a story told by an old story teller, talking about the good parts and the bad parts of these drugs hiding behind the use of metaphors and a bit of poetic licence.
10x Me is the first chapter in a story that continues into our next release , STAY TUNED!”

“This new track from Wicked Things is their best yet! An absolute banger that will have you HOOKED from the first time you hear it!” 
Tim Mclean-Smith – XMusic

On the road and doing shows all through the rest of 2024, Wicked Things are hard working, ambitious, and are a LIVE Rock N Roll excitement machine, who are taking it back with the old school meaning of “Sex, Drugs and Rock N Roll”.

Wicked Things are four brothers from Sydney’s Northern Beaches on a mission to revive the classic sound of Van HalenGuns ‘n’ Roses, and Motley Crue with their own millennial twist, and they are doing it with style. The band has sold out venues all over Australia, released 9 singles and completed a 5 month tour of Europe playing at The Running Of The BullsSan Vino Wine Fight and London’s Stoked In The Park festivals, a heap of local shows throughout Italy and Sicily plus a 3 week residency at Oktoberfest in Munich – all since forming in 2018!

After winning a recent AHA (Australian Hotel Association) Rockin’ The Suburbs band comp, the band went on to open for the legendary Screaming Jets where they caught the attention of XMusic who released the bands latest single,Good Time (Not Here For A. Long Time…Just A).

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