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SA’s top calisthenics dancers shine in a glittering new masterpiece that weaves hip moves with hit tunes!

The debut production from the Australian Calisthenics Theatre Company will be nothing short of a visual and physical spectacular as 63 of South Australia’s leading calisthenics dancers join forces with guest singer Tim Campbell and a live orchestra to present ‘A Symphony’ – a sparkling, two-show only showcase of sight, sound, artistry, and athleticism at the Adelaide Festival Centre (29 & 30 June 2024).

Highlighting the agility and grace of calisthenics – a century-old, Australian-only sport combining elements of dance, ballet, gymnastics, and acrobatics – ‘A Symphony’ will set the Festival Theatre stage alight with sparkling routines brimming with mind-blowing moves, spinning clubs, and a staggering 450 lavishly bejewelled costumes.

The stellar cast of dancers features 63 South Australian athletes aged between seven and 24 – with six costume changes each. These powerhouses of strength and precision will present their high-energy routines to a toe-tapping soundtrack performed by a brilliant vocal line-up starring popular Australian entertainer, Tim Campbell, and a live orchestra led by world-renowned Kym Purling.

The first of its kind, ‘A Symphony’ was born from the Australian Calisthenics Federation’s cancellation of this year’s National Competition – a decision that left a huge gap in the performance calendar for many elite calisthenic athletes, or ‘Cali Girls’, and inspired SA’s Brooke Brown and Carly Aherne to establish the Australian Calisthenics Theatre Company (ACTC).

Tim Campbell

Carly Aherne, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of ACTC said: “In the whirlwind six months since ACTC’s launch, we’ve managed to create an incredible two-hour production, hold auditions, and select an amazing cast representing 12 South Australian Calisthenics Clubs. The talent of these girls is phenomenal, and they’ve worked so hard to help bring this dream of ours to reality.”

With ‘A Symphony’, Carly and Brooke have removed the competition and rules normally found in calisthenics and created a world-first opportunity for ‘Cali Girls’ to showcase their athleticism and elegance in a jaw-dropping show.

For fans of the sport itself, showgoers can look forward to seeing familiar apparatus like clubs and rods, and disciplines such as marching, free exercises and aesthetic, all innovatively incorporated into a show that also puts calisthenics twists on other dance genres including lyrical, jazz and contemporary.

Brooke Brown, ACTC Co-Founder and Choreographer said: “Visually, ‘A Symphony’ is going to be stunning!  We’ve spent $30,000 just on gemstones for the 450 glittering costumes – each one lovingly sewn over countless hours by the ACTC team. We’re just so thrilled to be pushing the boundaries of calisthenics and dance with this incredible production that will captivate theatre-loving audiences of all ages.”

Australian Calisthenics Theatre Company presents ‘A Symphony’, guest starring Tim Campbell and Music Director Kym Spurling. 

When: Saturday 29 June, Sunday 30 June
7:30pm Saturday (Opening Night)
2pm Sunday 

Where: Festival Theatre, Adelaide

Tickets: ON SALE NOW through Tickettek

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