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New Era for ADELAIDE’s Home of Immersive Light and Art

It’s a new era for South Australian venue Light ADL with the announcement of plans for the next generation of the precinct that will see the hub transform under its new identity of ILA (Immersive, Light & Art) to become Adelaide’s true centre for Immersive Light and Art. 

In the young and adventurous world of ILA a new wave of immersive art and experiences will be realised through exciting new initiatives including the world premiere season of the eye-opening digital art film experience Anomalous, an expanded 2024 Adelaide Fringe program and the launch of the new ILA Artist Fund.

In 2024, ILA will reshape the world of immersive art and uncover new ways for artists to become more powerful storytellers and for audiences to interact with ever-changing technology and entertainment. 

“The world of technology, art and how we interact with the world is constantly changing, and in 2024 ILA will evolve to a new level to be true leaders in immersive light and art in Adelaide,” says ILA Chief Executive Officer, Nic Mercer. 

“The creation of ILA comes at a time of tremendous advancements for artists and performers. The next generation of art is about experiencing things that catch the memory and move the soul. That’s a new age of art, a new world that ILA wants to live in”.

The launch of ILA will coincide with the world premiere season of an exciting experiment in contemporary filmmaking, Anomalous, which questions everything about artificial intelligence (AI), screens and technology. The film is the first recipient of ILA’s Artist Fund. 

The eye-opening digital art film, Anomalous is the vision of award-winning South Australian creative team Richard Coburn and Justin Astbury and specifically created for ILA’s Light Room Studios 10,000 pixels wide LED screens with the intention of pushing the boundaries of audience experience to new levels. 

The announcement of Anomalous is the first glimpse into a new era for ILA. The project is the result of over two years of research and development into the immersive universe.

“Anomalous sets the scene perfectly as our organisation transitions into ILA. This incredible work firmly positions us as being the centre for immersive light and art with exciting new innovations to follow shortly, says Nic Mercer. 

ILA is ready to redefine Adelaide’s cultural landscape in 2024 launching officially on Thursday 18 January

Anomalous’s premiere season will run from Saturday 20 January – Saturday 10 February 2024 in The Light Room Studio. 

For further information on ILA please visit:

For more information on Anomalous and to book a session or a range of VIP experiences visit here

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