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Marcia Hines Announces New Album ‘The Gospel According To Marcia’

One of the country’s most iconic voices, Ms Marcia Hines, has announced the release of a brand-new album, The Gospel According to Marcia Hines, on Friday 3 November, featuring a selection of her favourite gospel songs.

The extraordinary Marcia Hines has reconnected with her musical roots celebrating memories from her childhood in Boston and her early experiences with gospel music. From age 10, Marcia spent her Sundays accompanying her blind godmother, Florence James, to four churches in inner city Boston where she was the leader of the church choirs. The guidance and tutelage of her godmother in the art of singing propelled Hines to Australia, and the lead role in ‘Hair’, at the age of 16.

Says Marcia “This album represents a coming home for me. My childhood life in Boston accompanying my godmother, Flo, to church on Sunday mornings gave me joy and happiness. That same joy and happiness surrounds every song, old and new, that I’ve chosen for this album, and I am so proud to introduce it to you!”

In 2022, Marcia undertook several live shows alongside a rhythm section and a 12-member choir to perform her favourite gospel songs – some of which will be included on her new album. These shows received rave reviews and transported audiences back to her early days in Boston and the joyous times of her childhood. It was also these performances that helped inspire The Gospel According To Marcia.

Marcia Hines’ career spans an incredible five decades. She has released 23 albums, selling 2.6 million copies, and has garnered countless chart-topping singles and multi-platinum records globally. She received the Order of Australia (AM) in 2009 for her services to the Australian Entertainment Industry as a performer, judge and mentor, and to the community through a range of charitable organisations. She has performed on stages of every size, been inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame, and her role as a judge on Australian Idol has won her another generation of young fans.

The Gospel According to Marcia is a collection of songs that celebrate the memories of her Boston childhood. Gospel music is deeply embedded in Marcia’s soul and this stunning album will take you on a magical journey that will awaken your spirit.

The Gospel According to Marcia will be released through ABC Music on Friday, 3 November.

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