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Lenny Kravitz is Back With High Energy New Single ‘Human’ Forthcoming Album Blue Electric Light Out May 24

Lenny Kravitz season is in full swing. Following a surge of viral activity, and his immortalization on the Hollywood Walk of Fame earlier this month, the iconic artist and consummate creative returns with a brand new single entitled ‘Human’. 

‘Human‘ practically overflows with upbeat and undeniable energy catalyzed by Kravitz’s inimitable fusion of fiery rock ‘n’ roll, slick funk, and cosmic pop. Wild cowbell, loose riffing, and a head-nodding bass line can’t contain the track’s bold and boisterous spirit as his voice echoes on the chorus, “I came here to be alive. I am here to be human.” Fittingly, a skyscraping guitar solo airlifts one last crescendo on this life-affirming anthem.

 ‘Human‘ follows lead single ‘TK421‘, released in October 2023. Ecstatic funk guitars, robotic analog synths, weezy talkbox, a dancefloor beat, a fiery saxophone solo and a clever nod to both Boogie Nights and Star Wars power up the fast-paced rock ‘n’ roll romp. The viral ‘TK421’ video, which made its worldwide debut via YouTube and global broadcast premiere on MTV’s global network of channels, amplifies the song’s free spirit; Kravitz is seen like you’ve never seen him before. 

Timeless. Explosive. Romantic. Inspiring. How else to characterize Blue Electric Light, Lenny Kravitz’s 12th studio album? Kravitz wrote and recorded the project in his studio in the Bahamas, and his mastery of deep-soul rock ‘n’ roll is once again established here. As a relentless creative force—musician, writer, producer, actor, author, designer—he continues to be a global dynamic presence throughout music, art and culture. Blue Electric Light is an impassioned suite of songs, that broadens this distinction and is the latest contribution of a man whose music—not to mention his singular style—continues to inspire millions the world over.

On the album, Kravitz’s talents as a writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist resonate as he wrote and played most of the instruments himself, with longtime guitarist Craig Ross. Ultimately, he crafted 12 tracks that are reflective of his legacy as a genre-breaking trailblazer, yet also firmly entrenched in the energy of the 21st century and beyond. 

This luminous world of Blue Electric Light will continue to unfold as Kravitz uncovers more from the album in the near future.

Stay tuned for more from Lenny Kravitz.

Blue Electric Light will be released on May 24. Pre orders are available here

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