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Dami Im Announces Release of Live EP

Dami Im announces the release of her new EP, titled “Live Session – Bluesfest Byron Bay”, featuring six tracks recorded live at the iconic festival. The EP provides a snapshot of her dynamic 2023 performance, where she sang and played piano alongside her six-piece band on the renowned Mojo stage.

Expressing her long-held dream, Dami shares, ‘It’s been a dream of mine to play at Bluesfest Byron Bay for the longest time, and I’m so glad that we have recorded this moment. There was such a unique electric energy on the night that now I get to share with everyone!’

The EP commences with the vibrant ‘Paper Dragon’, a quirky pop anthem that showcases Dami’s soaring vocals, whimsical synths, and playful drumbeats in an extended live arrangement. The live adaptations of Dami’s much loved songs ‘Marching On’, ‘Collide’ and ‘Pray’ take these emotionally charged songs to even greater heights, accentuating the storytelling behind each composition.

A standout of the EP is ‘Summertime’ which becomes a playground of daring improvisation, offering the listeners a front-row seat to the collaborative brilliance of the live musicians.
Unfiltered and vulnerable but mostly joyous, “Live Session – Bluesfest Byron Bay” peels back the curtain on a different facet of Dami’s artistry, one that contrasts with her more polished studio releases. It’s a nod to her live prowess, something her dedicated fans have been cherishing for many years.

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