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Zooming with Michael Griffiths

Markus Hamence is Zooming in The Jungle Room with Michael Griffiths. A awarded Cabaret King, Michael is back in the Adelaide Fringe circuit for 2024 with two shows, ‘Simply Brill: The Teens Who Stole Rock’n’Roll’ with Amelia Ryan and Michaela Burger and the provoking and personal show, ‘It’s A Sin’. On top of that he’s currently touring Australia with Queen of the Cross, Carlotta. Michael and Markus chat about Pet Shop Boys, growing up gay in the 1990’s and much more. Check out the video and book yourself some tickets…

Grab tickets to:
Simply Brill
It’s A Sin

Read my review for Simply Brill here 🙂

Michael Griffiths in It’s A Sin
Amelia Ryan, Michael Griffiths & Michaela Burger in Simply Brill
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