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Grabs with Jimmy Rees

Interview by Markus Hamence

Jimmy Rees, Australian entertainer, comedian, TV personality, host, author, dad to 3 boys and all-round funny guy announces heads to Adelaide to play Thebarton Theatre on 21 September with two performances, 6.00pm & 8.30pm with his hit new show ‘Not That Kinda Viral‘. Markus finds out all about it with a couple of hard-hitting questions…

Markus: You’re headed back to Adelaide with you brand new show, ‘Not That Kinda Viral’, what can we expect from the show this time?

Jimmy Rees: It’s great to be coming back… I think you can probably expect to go leave with a sore face, and wanting to tell your friends how that guy with the eyebrows off the internet is sooooo hilarious! Haha!!!

Markus: What inspires your unique style of comedy/stories?

Jimmy Rees: Honestly, its’ just every day life. Or the ridiculousness in every day life really. I am interested in people, places and stuff and try and find the funny side of just about everything. It all stats from an experience or a ’thing’ that humans just ‘do’ … it is fun to ask … why did this ’thing’ ever become a ’thing’.

Markus: What do you love about Adelaide audiences, why are we so great?

Jimmy Rees: I love that they turn up! Adelaide know how to have a good time…they get their tickets, have a few beers, and off we go! I’ve been going to Adelaide for a long time now, first as Jimmy Giggle and now on both of my tours…and I will keep coming back as long as they want me haha.

Markus: Favourite down-time in Adelaide?

Jimmy Rees: I don’t get any down time haha… the hotel restaurant will get a run but I’m open for suggestions … hit me up with a place for good grub and I’ll be there!

Markus: That can be sorted easily. Looking forward to seeing you and the show.

Jimmy: Thanks Markus, looking forward to seeing you all in a week.

For tickets and more show info, click here!

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