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Q&A With Tommy Fleming

Interview by Markus Hamence 20 October 2023.

The Voice of Ireland, Tommy Fleming, is currently on the Australian leg of his 2023 World Tour. I ask Tommy about his current show, about his love of Australia and more. Read on…

Markus Hamence: It’s been 4 years since your last Australian Tour, what are you most looking forward to with these 2023 shows

Tommy Fleming: I have loved Australia from my very first tour with Irish folk group De Dannan, I stepped on Australian soil many times since then, but the highlight of the 2023 tour is amount of Cities, Towns and parts of Australia I’d never been to that I now get to visit.

Markus: The last tour was BC (Before Covid), if at all, how do you the think the touring landscape and the audiences have changed?

Tommy: There is still a lot of fear surrounding COVID, people have become accustomed to a new way of life, a life of staying home, cost of living rises have also contributed to the difficulties in selling shows, entertainment is now very much the clock of a switch it’s instant and in some ways disposable.

Markus: What can audiences expect from this tour?

Tommy: I’ve put a lot of thought into the Australian tour 2023 with regard to the songs in the show, I’ve tried to cover a 30 + career in two hours so I’ve made the show very personal, in the songs and stories behind them, I guess it’s a guided tour of TF’s career. Ha!

Markus: Name a couple of songs that you never tire of singing?

Tommy: “Bright Blue Rose” & “Roll Back The Clouds”

Markus: Is there a song you have never recorded but absolutely on your dream hit list?

Tommy: “That’s Life” Frank Sinatra

Markus: Who’s a contemporary singer that you’re really appreciating at the minute?

Tommy: I would have to say two artists. One Irish, Picture This. And one Australian, Mitch Tambo.

Markus: You’ve sung with guest artists before, is there an artist that in the future you’d love to perform with?

Tommy: Adele. Her voice, her mechanics in using that craft and her writing are sublime

Markus: When touring, in any down-time that may occur what can we find you doing to relax in any said city?

Tommy: Sydney – Eating out. Melbourne – Museums and Art. Any other is sight seeing as I’ve rarely been in them long enough.

Markus: You were last in Adelaide for the 2022 Christmas Carols in Elder Park, when you’re back in November is there a favourite bar, restaurant, cafe you look forward to experiencing again.

Tommy: I only got to see Elder Park ,my Hotel & the airport so guided tour would be most welcome.

Markus: Finally, you have the option in Adelaide to do the Adelaide Oval Roof Climb, spend an afternoon in the wine region at McLaren Vale or have a long lunch down at Henley Beach, what do you choose?

Tommy: Either of the latter two as I’m terrified of heights.

Tommy Fleming performs at The Regal Theatre in Adelaide on Saturday 18 November 2023.

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